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CH 4142 Muenchenstein-Basel

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In a world that needs to pay attention more and more to demografic changes and savings resources, we need to do more than just offering outstanding products. It is up to us to adapt our way of thinking and our actions to the new circumstances.


JEMANI BLUE Ltd aims for brands that offer an added value to our customers, the people.

Be it with high quality products that offer an extended life cycle and a great deal of efficiency like the AQUAS showering products.


JEMANI BLUE Ltd distributes brands within Europe and brings together customers and brands.

AQUAS is a producer of quality showering products with sophisticated technology. The products are available all over the world.


AQUAS reflects Swiss virtues:

Consistent design, sustainability-oriented product engineering and reliable services.

Thanks to their diligent and well-conceived design, EVER Life Design has managed to create furniture and accessories, which can be used by different ages in the same premises and, at the same time, respect the specific needs of all users.


The aspects of safety and comfort are constantly in the foreground.

The timeless design guarantees that all products fit easily into any bathroom, while simultaneously all needs of young and old were met.